Breakfast Menu

First Things First

Natalie’s orange or grapefruit juice


Sol muffins

Orange cranberry or blueberry  3.95

beach smoothie

strawberry, banana, low-fat yogurt 7.95

sticky bun 

w/ a heap of vanilla icing  6.95

Sol in the Bowl

Charleston Grits

with a touch of pecorino 3.95/6.95

fresh seasonal fruit bowl9.95

gluten free granola

with fresh berries, local honey drizzle and organic yogurt  12.95

Breakfast Sandwiches & Bagels

Feynman’s answer

a good ole fried egg sandwich on grilled sourdough w/ B, L & T and kicked up with the side of guacamole 14.95

Max’s blisscuit

two eggs w/ cheddar and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage loaded on a biscuit  14.95   w/ wavy gravy  15.95

Crescent Beach croissant

two fried eggs, ham steak, Swiss cheese, tomato and arugula on a buttery croissant  15.95

Bronx bagel

two fried eggs, bacon and cheddar on your choice of bagel 12.95

bikini bagel

turkey sausage, avocado, dried figs,  tomato and sprouts on a multigrain bagel with basil pesto 12.95

Garden Omelettes & Originals

served with biscuit or toast ( sourdough, whole wheat, rye, multi grain )

feelin’ good 

egg white omelette w/ steamed veggies, spinach, tomato and low fat Swiss cheese 15.95

flower child

egg white omelet w/ Sonoma goat cheese, Portabella mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs and guacamole 15.95

Andys way

the flower child jazzed up w/fresh jalapenos & pico de gallo… little abstract like Warhol 16.95


three scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli and spinach. w/ grilled pita 15.95

pops country

sausage, bacon, onions, mushrooms, cheddar and peppers omelet smothered with wavy gravy and a biscuit  15.95

med revival

spinach, artichoke and feta omelet with tomatoes and sun dried tomato fused olive oil 15.95

Baba O’Riley

broccoli, spinach, turkey and boursin cheese omelet w/ avocado and basil pesto 15.95

kitchen sink

create your own omelet from four of the following ingredients; ham, bacon, spinach, arugula, spinach, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, asparagus, tomato, peppers, cheddar, Swiss, American, feta, provolone 15.95  each additional + $.75


served with fresh fruit

eggs benedict 

the traditional, served w/ real hollandaise 16.95

traveling wilbury 

two poached eggs w/ roasted turkey, avocado, tomato & hollandaise on grilled multi grain 17.95

Myakka benedict

two poached eggs with sausage patties and tomato served on biscuits & smothered with wavy gravy 16.95


two poached eggs w/ spinach, arugula, asparagus and real hollandaise 16.95

Shrimp Benedict

two poached eggs w/ Gulf shrimp, spinach and hollandaise 19.95

Cajun Benedict

two poached eggs w/ blackened mahi-mahi, crawfish, Gulf shrimp and real hollandaise 22.95

Electric Griddleland

Sweet potato pancakes

the cake, the myth, the legend… short Stack 12.95 tall stack 14.95

Adluh Mills pancakes

the old school South Carolina standard… short Stack 12.95 tall stack 14.95

Liege style waffles  

A variation on the Belgian waffle, the petit Liège waffle took its inspiration from yeasty brioche bread dough and pearl sugar, which caramelizes into crunchy pockets as the waffle cooks.

Appetizer 6.95.   Entree’ 11.95

Any of the above with pecan butter +1.50
with bananas +2.50
with berries +4.50

Native Favorites

Ashley’s avocado toast

Avacado smash on whole-grain toast w/ medium fried eggs, watermelon radish, tomato, basil pistou & sprouts 15.95

Mississippi Queen

Fried chicken & waffles with mango habanero sauce, bacon and sweet pickles… you know what I mean 17.95

Helen’s biscuits & wavy gravy

true comfort, it doesn’t get any better than this 10.95

Elvis’s fried chicken plate

buttermilk fried chicken & two fried eggs on a biscuit with wavy gravy… don’t be cruel 16.95

the native

two eggs any style w/ SG  potato’s, grits or fruit and toast or a biscuit 11.95

the equinox

two eggs any style with petite pancakes and bacon, sausage, bologna or ham steak and fresh fruit 15.95

A.M. cobbler

two eggs any style with ham, onions, cheddar, potatoes and wavy gravy w/ a biscuit topping 15.95

Gringo’s burrito

a wet burrito w/ scrambled eggs, cheddar, chorizo, onions, peppers,  jalapeno’s, sour cream, queso & chipotle salsa 16.95

Significant Others

bagel; plain, CR, sesame or everything 4.50
side of fresh berries 4.50
bacon, ham steak, or sausage 4.50
SG potatoes 3.95
side of fruit 3.95
One egg 2.50
toast or English muffin 2.95
guacamole or avocado 1.95

Adult Beverages

Import & craft beers


wines by the glass


Bloody Mary

10.95mothers little helper

vodka and strawberry lemonade 10.95

mimosa or champagne


mango bellini


We respectfully decline requests to modify the menu