Lunch menu

First Things First

curried chicken soup

cup 3.95 bowl 5.95

today’s soup

cup 3.95 bowl 5.95

hummus & naan

served w/ cucumber & tomatoes, country olives and warm naan 11.95

“the” figs

stuffed with Boursin cheese, brushed w/ butter & roasted… just like downtown  (when available) 6.95

Cool Combos

One half of today’s sandwich, BLT, tuna wrap or fresh baked muffin

Spinach salad, garden salad, fresh fruit cup or watermelon

cup of curried chicken or today’s soup

scoop of tuna salad or chicken salad

create your own combo from the groups above

any two 12.95 any three 15.95

Shady Salads

Southern fried salad

fried chicken, boiled eggs, slab bacon, tomato, scallions and cheddar on a bed of greens w/ ranch dressing 15.95

skinny dipper

tuna and chicken salads on a bed of greens w/ tomato and cucumber served w/ Sol vinaigrette 14.95

green flash

spinach & arugula tossed w/ blackened Gulf shrimp, avocado, radishes, apples, spiced walnuts and ginger vinaigrette 16.95

sun tanned salmon

glazed with teriyaki on the bed of greens w/ Sol vinaigrette 18.95

day tripper

fresh greens tossed with avocado, cucumbers, red onion and blackened chicken breast.  served w/ tumeric vinaigrette 14.95

SG house salad

fresh greens tossed with strawberries, walnuts, goat cheese,  dried cranberries, red onion, granola & raspberry vinaigrette 13.95 w/grilled chicken 15.95

Panini and Sandwiches

Served with kettle chips or watermelon
with fries + 2.50

SG chicken press

grilled chicken breast with artichokes, goat cheese, spinach, pesto, olives and sun dried tomatoes on sourdough 13.95

Malibu turkey press

turkey, avocado, spinach, tomato, boursin cheese & mayo on focaccia 13.95

veggie shawarma

tomato, cucumbers, feta, basil pesto, hummus, sprouts, avocado, harissa & tzatziki sauce on a naan 13.95

southern pecan chicken salad

stately chicken salad w/ pecans, cranberries & grain mustard on croissant 13.95

tuna melt

albacore white tuna salad on sourdough toast with spinach and tomato. glazed w/ provolone cheese 12.95


bacon, lettuce, tomato, guacamole and sprouts on multi grain toast 12.95

Grilles and Hot Wraps

Served with kettle chips or watermelon
with fries + 2.50


fried chicken with mango habanero sauce, arugula, wickles and avocado mayo on a King’s roll… hey, hey, hey ,that’s what I say 13.95

crunchy shrimp po-boy

fried local shrimp, arugula, remoulade and wickles 16.95

John’s chicken wrap

fried chicken, boiled eggs, cheddar, wickles, arugula and remoulade 13.95

Phish sandwich

spice rubbed mahi-mahi w/ Key lime remoulade, arugula, tomato and guacamole on a Kings roll 17.95


8 ounce Angus patty serve with kettle chips or watermelon, with fries +2.50

Classic Rocker

with cheddar, Swiss or American and bacon, arugula, tomato & onion 13.95

Janis Joplin

Voorn vegetable patty w/ spicy mango chutney, harissa glaze, hummus & arugula 13.95

Carlos Santana

blackened burger with guacamole, Pico de gallo, fresh jalapeno and cheddar… oye como va 13.95

Riley B King

bluesy barbecue sauce, sweet pickles, cheddar, lots of bacon, spicy mustard & onions… look out Lucille 14.95

Bob Dylan

curry rubbed with avocado bacon arugula tomato pickles provolone and ranch dressing…  how does it feel 14.95

Native Favorites

salmon spa plate

blackened salmon fillet with tossed greens and watermelon 18.95

Yucatán tacos

charred lime scented mahi mahi with pico de gallo , arugula and soft flour tortillas. served w/ guacamole 17.95


loaded with cheddar and onions ,served w/ pico de gallo, sour cream & guacamole.  cheese -9.95 chicken-12.95 veggie-11.95

Adult Beverages

Import & craft beers


wines by the glass


Bloody Mary

9.95mothers little helper

vodka and strawberry lemonade 9.95

mimosa or champagne


mango bellini 


We respectfully decline requests to modify the menu